Car classuntil 3 d.from 4 d.from 10 d.from 30 d.DepositBook now
Ford Fiesta VI AT43$38$34$27$429$Book now
Ford Fiesta VI AT Sedan43$38$34$27$429$Book now
Kia Rio III AT43$38$33$26$377$Book now
Hyundai Accent45$40$35$27$343$Book now
Volkswagen Polo48$42$38$29$343$Book now
Volkswagen Golf65$56$49$37$457$Book now
Volkswagen Jetta61$50$42$32$537$Book now
Mazda 362$54$46$36$537$Book now
Ford Focus48$43$37$30$537$Book now
Hyundai Elantra54$47$41$33$343$Book now
Toyota Corolla67$58$50$39$457$Book now
Toyota Camry (VX70)96$86$77$57$1067$Book now
Volkswagen Passat79$68$58$47$935$Book now
Mazda 679$68$58$47$935$Book now
Honda Accord82$74$65$53$800$Book now
Hyundai Sonata79$70$60$48$802$Book now
BMW 528166$150$133$115$1486$Book now
Audi A6158$136$117$103$1715$Book now
Mazda CX-591$75$72$53$859$Book now
Toyota Rav475$65$53$43$751$Book now
Nissan X-trail75$65$53$43$751$Book now
Mitsubishi Outlander85$77$69$59$800$Book now
Nissan Juke63$55$47$38$457$Book now
Toyota Prado 4.0193$164$135$106$1954$Book now
Discovery Sport166$149$133$99$3430$Book now
Audi Q5103$93$82$62$800$Book now
Discovery Sport166$149$133$99$3430$Book now
BMW 230i193$164$135$106$1954$Book now
BMW 740206$185$166$145$3430$Book now
Audi A6 Quattro181$162$144$126$1715$Book now
Audi Q5103$93$82$62$800$Book now
Volkswagen Caravelle141$118$104$94$1336$Book now
Mercedes-Benz Vito122$103$91$82$1257$Book now
Payment for car rental at iCar-group is carried out only in UAH. Prices in US dollars or euros are recalculated in accordance with the commercial rate of PrivatBank CB PJSC, established at the time of the conclusion of the agreement.
For the duration of the car rental agreement, a deposit must be made, which will be returned to the client in full if the rental conditions are fully met.