Where to rent a car in the city of Kiev for any period?

Coming to a new big city, you want to fully enjoy the local beauty. But how can you do this if you have to travel by metro, a crowded bus, or a tram with dusty windows? You need to rent a car in Kiev for movement. Your own car will allow you to easily get to the desired point, without experiencing the inconvenience of public transport.

At first glance, it may seem that renting a car is expensive. If we calculate the total cost of travel in public transport per day, the amount will be slightly less. Especially if you come to the capital with your family.

You can rent a car in Kiev inexpensively at the iCar company.

We have reasonable prices for services, and the quality of service is high. At iCar we rent a car without collateral and for any period. The iCar car fleet has cars from economy to premium class. You can choose the right car for your desires, needs, taste, status.

ICar car park in Kiev.

In Kiev you can rent:

1. Chevrolet aveo
2. Kia Rio III AT
3. Toyota Corolla
4. VW Golf Variant, and more than ten car models.

Auto for any purpose of any class.

Advantages of long-term car rental without a driver with iCar.

We have a lot of positive aspects behind car rental.

Saving. You don't need to drive your own car a thousand kilometers. You can rent a car in Kiev and save on fuel costs (on the road to Kiev). You will reach the city by any convenient transport, and you will move around the capital by car from iCar with comfort. The cost of car rental in Kiev in our company is from 14 euros per day.

Comfort. It will not be difficult to get to any part of the city if you rented a car for daily rent in Kiev for your own needs. There are enough parking spaces in the city, you can leave your car at any convenient point in the city. There is no need to travel in stuffy public transport, choose a car from iCar.

Overview. If the trip to Kiev is of a tourist nature, car rental in Kiev without deposit and prepayment from iCar will allow you to fully explore the city. Dozens of sights of the capital cannot be seen from a subway car. If you have a car, you can stop and look at the architectural monuments you are interested in.

Business comfort. A business trip involves many meetings and time constraints. A rented car in Kiev from iCar without a deposit for the required period will help to meet with business partners, not be late for a meeting, visit a business lunch.

Traveling with children. It is convenient to rent a car at iCar, we have child car seats that can be rented. We care about the safety of your children.

Autonomy. You are not tied to the schedule of urban transport. No need to wait for a taxi for hours to get out of the city center. At any time, you can change the trajectory of the vehicle. You can correct your route at any time. You don't depend on anyone.

Car rental in iCar with a driver in Kiev.

The lack of a driver's license is not an obstacle to renting a car. In iCar, you can rent a car in Kiev with a driver, which is even more convenient. Qualified chauffeurs with extensive experience will help you get to anywhere in the capital. The comfort of our customers for iCar comes first.

Additional options from iCar.

  • Rent a car seat for a child.
  • Navigator in the car.
  • Go-Pro camera in salon.
  • Video recorder.
  • Wireless Internet.

iCar takes care of customers, therefore it always concludes a car rental agreement. This guarantees safety and helps to avoid inconvenience in the future. All possible risks, rental conditions, security guarantees are spelled out in the car rental document.

When traveling on business to other cities, traveling around the country as tourists, many face the need for free movement. Now car rental is a popular service that absolutely everyone can use, regardless of the purpose. This is an expedient alternative to public transport, which is not very convenient to ride. And every time to travel to take a taxi is considered an irrational waste of funds and time. And more and more people are resorting to such a service as car rental Kiev, which provides comfortable movement, complete freedom of action, and not dependence on delays in urban transport.

In what cases can rent a car in Kiev be useful?

The capital of Ukraine is the largest city with a huge population, great prospects, and many beautiful places, historical and architectural attractions. Every day the metropolis receives hundreds of guests, foreign tourists, and businessmen. Conventional vehicles such as the metro, tram, or trolleybus cannot provide such mobility of movement as car rentals in Kiev Ukraine. This is the same personal transport that the tenant can dispose of for his consideration. He will not have to wait for the car to be served or for the bus to arrive at the stop, changing his plans due to the delay, jeopardizing the deal, missing the opportunity to visit as many memorable places as possible. To effectively solve any issues, independently plan the movement, and turn to such an urgent service as car for rent Kiev. There are different reasons for this:

  • You only have a few days to settle your problems in the city. And there is no free time to spend it waiting, standing at stops.
  • You are accustomed to comfort, do not like to depend on the circumstances, especially if they can change the car rental without driver.
  • We came to the capital to see as many sights as possible, but you do not want to connect with the excursions.
  • You live in Kiev, but do not have your car, or it is under repair. Sometimes personal transport becomes vital, for example, for trips outside the city by family, for a picnic by the company, for a business meeting, for celebrations.
  • You want to go on a trip around the country, see other cities or visit far living relatives.

Car hire in Kiev Ukraine

iCar-Group offers to rent a car of any class at an affordable price. We have a solid fleet where any private or corporate customer can book a suitable brand and model. The cost of service depends on several factors.

  • Which price segment the car belongs to. You can rent a car without driver of such class as economy, medium, business, premium, minivan, SUV. To choose from, we offer cars with a certain type and volume of engine, gearbox. Taking into account the purpose of use, take a dynamic urban sedan of compact size or a massive crossover for alleged off-road trips. For weddings and large celebrations, they usually take a luxurious, prestigious, presentable car.
  • Car rental without driver Kiev and its terms. The more days you intend to use rented transport, the cheaper the service that is paid for per day.

Apply additional options provided by the company. Cheap rental cars Kiev can be accompanied by the installation of a navigator, a children's comfortable chair with a high level of safety.