Car rental conditions

to the tenant

Minimum age 21 years*
Driving experience of 2 years

Payment Methods

VISA / Mastercard / American Express Bank transfer, Cash settlement


Passport, Identification code (for citizens of Ukraine), Driving license

Tenant Requirements

Age at least 21 years (for all brands of cars, except premium);

Age at least 25 years (for renting premium car brands);

Driving experience of 2 years (for all brands of cars, except premium);

Driving experience of 5 years (for renting premium car brands).

Required Original Documents

Passport (internal / for Ukrainian citizens), a residence permit;

Passport (foreign / for foreign citizens);

The driver’s license is valid in the territory of Ukraine, of the established form, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine;

Identification code (for citizens of Ukraine).

Territory of use and mileage restriction

The use of a rented car is possible throughout Ukraine (except for the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk regions, Crimea and 30 km from these regions);

The mileage limit in our company - DOES NOT EXIST. There is a prepaid mileage reserve, which is included in the tariff in accordance with the selected period - 350 km per day (the total mileage for the entire rental period is summed up), let 10 days = 10 * 350 km = 3500 km for 10 days;

In case of excess mileage, each kilometer is paid additionally according to the tariffs of the company.