Wi-Fi internet

Wi-Fi internet

Wi-Fi internet in the car is a reliable connection wherever you are

In today's world, it is always important to be online. Attending a video conference, checking e-mail, or answer in the messenger on working questions can be critical. Therefore, iCar Group offers car rental with Wi-Fi router. Being in any corner of our country, you will always be able to fully and comfortably use the Internet in the car.

Advantages of a router in a trip

Access to the car network is possible thanks to a compact and high-quality 4G Wi-Fi router, which can be easily installed in the rental car at your request. The essence of the router is to receive a 4G signal and convert it to Wi-Fi. Why is it more convenient and practical to connect 4G directly to a smartphone? The router in this case has significant advantages:

  • For a smartphone battery, a Wi-Fi connection is less energy consuming than a 4G connection. This saves battery power and life.

  • You can connect to the Wi-Fi Internet to any device that does not have a built-in SIM card: tablet, laptop or navigator.

  • Ability to connect multiple users to a single reliable and high-speed connection.

Renting a car with a Wi-Fi router offers a wide range of opportunities when trip or traveling. Entertainment, social networking, streaming video or solving business problems - all this is available in the car on any of your devices.

At your request, we can equip the car with a router in advance so that you and your passengers have full access to the Internet during the trip or traveling.

What is the internet speed in the car?

Wi-Fi routers provided by the iCar Group can achieve excellent connection speeds of up to 150/Mbps. This Wi-Fi allows you to watch videos on YouTube, movies or download content without hanging. The stability of the connection is also quite high and allows you to use the Internet on the road without any problems.

How to rent a car with a Wi-Fi router in iCar?

The iCar Group offers a wide range of cars: from economy to premium class. At your request, we can equip any car with a high-quality and reliable Wi-Fi router. Just check this with the manager when confirming the order, and we will prepare a comfortable car for you.