GPS navigator for comfortable movement and time saving

In our company, car rental for long-distance travel and to other cities is quite a frequent occurrence. On these journeys, GPS in the car becomes not just a nice addition, but rather a necessary function. So that you can easily navigate in unfamiliar terrain and save valuable time, we offer the service of completing the car with high-precision GPS navigators. A high-quality navigator will quickly plot a route to a point, taking into account traffic jams, and will reduce the travel time.

Why do you need GPS in the car?

Some may have a logical question. Why do you need a navigator in your car, if you can use any smartphone for these purposes by downloading an application to it? In the absence of a navigator, of course, you can use a smartphone. However, the car GPS navigator has significant advantages:

  • Special software that allows you to quickly plot a route to the desired point, drive through intricate junctions, and determine your current location with high accuracy.

  • The convenience of use. Car GPS for are created so that it is as comfortable to interact with them as possible.

  • Saves battery power of your smartphone. Using a separate navigator extends the battery life of your smartphone, as using GPS and mobile internet at the same time can quickly drain power and heat up the device.

Why use a GPS navigator?

Many experienced drivers prefer to use high-quality and reliable GPS navigators, as they are very convenient when traveling, help to navigate in unfamiliar places, and warn of traffic jams or dangerous sections of the road. Consequently, the use of a navigator also increases the safety of the trip when renting a car.

In addition to high-quality service, we provide our clients with navigators from world manufacturers, which will become an excellent assistant on the road. Large, convenient display, offline maps, high accuracy of satellite navigation will allow you not to get lost even in the most remote corners of our country.

How to order a car with a navigator?

Car rental with a navigator in the iCar Group company is available in Kiev, Odessa and Lviv. You can choose a car of any class and brand: from economy to premium segment. The site presents the entire vehicle fleet available for order.

To rent a car in iCar, you just need to familiarize yourself with the range and book a suitable model in two clicks. To confirm the order, our managers will contact you shortly.

You can also contact us for help in choosing a suitable car by calling the number indicated on the website, or by writing to any convenient messenger: WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram. Our experts will promptly help you find a comfortable car!