Personal driver

Personal driver

Car rental with a personal driver - comfortable and carefree trips

Not everyone loves and has the opportunity to drive a car on their own. If you, being in a little familiar city, need to visit several places within a certain time, renting a car with a driver will be an actual and profitable solution. The iCar Group strives to make the rental experience of customers only positive. Therefore, if you need special conditions, we can provide you with a professional personal driver.

Advantages of the «Personal Driver» service

Self-driving, especially in a big city, implies a lot of concentration, adherence to traffic rules, and calculating the optimal route. Ordering the "Personal Driver" service allows you to delegate these important responsibilities to a professional, you just have to enjoy the trip, see the sights of the city or solve business problems.

Also, the benefits of the service include:

  • Additional options. At your request, we can equip the car with a child seat, Wi-Fi Internet, an action camera Go-Pro.

  • Convenient payment. You can pay rent in any way: VISA / Mastercard / American Express, bank transfer, cash.

  • Flexible lease terms. Car rental with a personal driver is possible for at least 2 hours, for a day or more.

Why is a personal driver better than a taxi?

If you need to visit several places in one day, using a taxi will not be the best option for several reasons:

  • When moving from one point to another, you will have to re-order or pay for downtime.

  • There may not be available taxi cars, so you will urgently need to look for other options.

  • The taxi car may arrive late, disrupting your plans.

With the iCar Group, you can be sure you don't waste time. You can order a car rental on the company's website. Our managers can provide qualified assistance in the selection of a suitable car for your tasks. Also, before delivery to the client, the preparation and refueling of the car is carried out, and 24/7 support will always help you with any questions.

When do you need a car rental with a personal driver?

This service is quite popular and may be needed for such cases:

  • Business meeting, business trip. Arriving in a premium car, as well as with a personal driver, you will emphasize your status as a respectable person and reliable partner. We have a large assortment of executive class cars available.

  • Car rental for a wedding. We will help to decorate your special day, organize comfortable movement of guests and relatives.

  • Traveling to various locations for any other purpose.

How to order the «Personal Driver» service in iCar?

The iCar Group has a wide range of cars of any class. You can easily familiarize yourself with the assortment, as well as book your favorite transport on our website. To order the «Personal driver» service, just inform our manager when specifying the details. The service is available from middle class cars.

To get additional advice on renting, you can call the phone number listed on the website or write to us in any convenient messenger: WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram.